People Inc. Organisation Chart Webinar

Producing and maintaining an Organisation Chart for your business can be time consuming, especially when using standard Microsoft Office software. Users find themselves having to manually add New starters and remove any leavers. Any changes to the organisational structure also creates a significant amount of work.

Generating Org Charts directly from your HR software removes the need for any manual updating. Organisation charts are automatically updated when an employee joins or leaves the company. Any changes to the company structure are also automatically reflected in the Org Chart.

This People Inc., Organisation Chart webinar demonstrates how People Inc Users can quickly generate organisation charts from within People Inc. HR


The webinar will cover the following:

  • Overview – how it works (uses reports to field on Job History)
  • Adding the employees photograph to People Inc. for use in the Org Chart.
  • Configuring the Org Chart.
  • Reassign a team to another manager
  • Organisational Modelling
  • Applying restructuring to People Inc. database
  • Exporting Org Charts

People Inc Organisation Chart Plug in

Our webinars can be attended by anyone for free. We use Team Viewer for sharing our webinars. A Team Viewer invite will be sent out shortly before the Webinar is due to start to all registered attendees.


Learn More about the Organisation Chart plug in for People Inc by clicking here