Creating Power BI Reports using your People Inc. HR data.


Power BI has become a crucial tool for HR professionals, enabling them to transform vast amounts of HR data into actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making. By integrating data from various sources including People Inc. HR, creating customizable dashboards, and harnessing advanced analytics, HR departments can improve talent management, boost employee engagement, and enhance overall organizational performance.

Creating a Power BI Report using People Inc. HR

Creating reports using Power BI couldn’t be easier. People Inc. HR stores its data on Microsoft SQL Server Databases making it much easier to create Power BI reports for publishing on your company intranet to help managers analyse employee data to monitor key metrics in real time.

In this example we will create a Donut Chart that shows Active Employees by Gender.


Step 1 – Connect People Inc. Databases to Power BI

  1. Create new Power BI Report
  2. Select SQL Server Data source (Note: Users will need speak to their IT to get SQL Permissions to view the database).


3. Select the Data tables from within People Inc. you would like to use. In this example we have chosen the Employees Screen.









4. Click the Load button.



Step 2 – Choose Data and Configure Report

1. Choose the Chart Type from the Vizualisations section. (We will use a Donut Chart in this example)


2. Choose the Data to be used in the report from the list of data fields. We will use the Gender and Employee ID fields.


3. Add a calculation to the report by dragging the Employee ID field to the Values box (this will default to Count). The chart will be displayed in the lefthand window.


4. Finally, we will add a filter to show just Active Employees. Drag STATUS to the Add Data Values here box under ‘Filters on this page’, as shown below.


5. In the Filter options, choose Active as the value (as shown above).

6. Save the Report.


Step 3 – Publishing/Sharing the Report

Power BI reports can then be publishing on your company intranet to help managers analyse employee data to monitor key metrics in real time. Once the report is created it can be shared as required (or Published to the Power BI Service).


Benefits of using Power BI

The wealth of HR data stored in People Inc. HR often remains underutilized due to its complexity and the challenge of extracting meaningful insights manually. This is where Power BI comes into play, offering a user-friendly interface that allows HR professionals to unlock the potential of their data.

  • Data Integration
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Employee Engagement Insights
  • Compliance and Reporting

Read our Empower HR Decision Making with Power BI article for more information.

More information

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NOTE: We cannot provide training and Consultancy on Power BI.


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