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Disciplinary and Grievance

Empowering people managers to manage disciplinary and grievance processes is a crucial part of delivering best practice HR in your organisation.

This issue impacts employees at all levels, and it’s important to handle the process professionally, and stay compliant at every stage in the process.

YouManage’s unique case management and workflow process systems safeguard your employees, line managers and organisation from compliance risk, while ensuring the whole process is managed efficiently and sensitively from start to finish.

By keeping all parties well informed and providing clear guidance at each step, YouManage delivers the best available online solution for managing disciplinary or grievance issues.


disciplinary and grievance

Key Features

  • Initiate an investigation, disciplinary or grievance process
  • Enables all processes to be tracked from start to finish and findings to be recorded
  • Produce a meeting guide, based on pre-loaded guidance content
  • Managers can approach and handle meetings correctly and with confidence
  • Access relevant guidance content at each step
  • Gives managers the confidence to handle difficult situations effectively, consistently and fairly by providing guidance notes and meeting templates specific to the type of issue they are addressing
  • Create situation-specific letters based on client-editable templates
  • Saves time and ensures best practice compliance management by enabling easy production of standard letters – e.g. Invite to Disciplinary meeting, Notification of Decision – based on client-editable templates
  • Record and append any witness statements
  • Ensures accurate record keeping and minimises organisational risk
  • Alerts notify users to the expiry of any time period specified
  • Gives all users clear information on any time-bound actions to be taken
  • Re-assign responsibilities to others where required
  • Ensures productivity is not affected while the process is underway
  • Record any outcomes and attach any documentary evidence and correspondence
  • Minimises organisational risk by ensuring correct processes are followed and providing a full audit trail of all meetings, documents and notes
  • Initiate an appeal process, where required
  • Management of appeals ensures compliance with employment regulations by providing step-by-step processes for managers to follow