People Inc. Case Study


Dunlop Oil & Marine implement People Inc.

Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of hoses for the oil, gas, petrochemical and dredging industries, for both offshore and onshore based operations. Due to a series of mergers and restructuring Dunlop Oil & Marine found themselves with two completely separate HR systems (Vizual Personnel Manager and People Inc.) to manage their 365 employees resulting in duplication of effort and an inability to produce useful management reports quickly or easily.

Additionally, it was identified that one of these systems (Vizual Personnel Manager) didn’t meet the Companies overall IT strategy moving forward as it was not supported on the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Windows and Office applications.

It was therefore decided to merge these systems in to a central instance of People Inc. as People Inc. is a more up to date HR System that could meet the requirements of both their HR and IT departments going forward for the company as a whole.

People Inc. is a comprehensive yet cost effective HR system that comes with a wide range of time saving benefits and features to help companies save time and costs with managing their employees. Not only would People Inc. provide a completely up to date HR System for Dunlop Oil & Marine, it also offered a great deal more functionality than their old system and is compatible on all latest versions of Microsoft platforms such as Windows, SQL Server and Office.

“Agathonhr provided face to face meetings and onsite training to ensure our users were comfortable with all aspects of the project.” says Matt Carn, HR Manager at Dunlop Oil & Marine. “From the initial ‘kick-off’ meeting, agathonhr have made us feel really looked after, giving us the reassurance and confidence we needed after some challenging implementations from other providers in the past.”

Matt goes on to say “The impact of this project has been substantial. For the first time, the HR Team can access and manage all employee information simultaneously and I can now generate key management reports quickly and efficiently across the whole organisation, saving us a huge amount of time and effort”.

Agathonhr’s wealth of experience working on HR systems for 20 years, meant they were able to not only upgrade both sites to the latest version of People Inc. but also merge the data from their existing systems into one central databases, accessible to both sites.

The project was different to most of the implementations agathonhr carryout as it involved not only the implementation of the People Inc. system but also the merging of data from 2 separate sources.

“Migrating data into People Inc. is something we are quite used to”, said Andrew from agathonhr. “The challenge with this project was merging the data from two separate systems into one shared database within People Inc., whilst maintaining data integrity. We are delighted to have Dunlop Oil & Marine on board and look forward to working with them again as their requirements change”.


PeopleFirstHr’s 20 plus years of experience working on Vizual Personnel Manager means we can provide an unrivalled level of service and support for customers looking to upgrade their Vizual Personnel Software to People Inc.

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