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Electronic Payslips and Employee Self Service


Providing employees with Payslips is a legal requirement for any business yet producing and delivering paper payslips can be an unnecessary overhead. The cost of printed payslips can be anywhere between £1.35 and £2.25 each. This means for an organisation with 200 employees the cost of providing payslips could be in excess of £5000 each year.


How can technology help?

It’s very easy now to produce payslips in a number of formats removing the need for printing them. By generating an electronic copy of an employee payslip and giving them access to this via Employee Self Service organisations can not only reduce costs but also make significant time savings.

Employee Self Service Payslips


Additional benefits of Employee Self Service

More and more companies are investing in Employee Self Service functionality to reduce time and costs associated with traditionally time-consuming paper based processes. Not only can organisations provide their employees with access to their payslips via Employee Self Service, they can also benefit from a wealth of other time saving functionality. With Employee Self Service employees can:

  • Book holidays online for manager approval
  • View real-time holiday entitlements.
  • Update personal contact details (automatically notifying HR/Payroll)
  • View company documents and policies online
  • Access the company contact directory (showing who is/isn’t available based on absence records)
  • Complete online timesheets
  • Submit expense claims electronically.


People Inc. Employee Self Service Home Page


How do I get this functionality?

People Inc. have developed a new plugin that is designed to attach PDF copies of payslips to employee records. The plug-in works by processing a monthly batch of payslips and attaching them to the employees Payslip screen so employees can access them via Employee Self Service.

For existing People Inc. users, we can provide this new plug-in free of charge, simply contact us to arrange to have this implemented on to your system.

The plug in will also be made available as standard for new People Inc. Customers. Please contact us if you would like more information about People Inc. and Employee Self Service, or an online demonstration.


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