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Using Employee Survey’s to get valuable feedback for your organisation.

With more employees working from home, its never been more important to get feedback on a wide range of topics in order to identify any potential issues and increase your employees’ inclusiveness within the business is becoming more critical.

Employee Surveys within YouManage HR provides a facility for the HR Administrator to create any kind of Survey that can be completed by Employees via their Self Service portal.

Self Service

Select all or just a selection of employees to complete the survey. Each employee is automatically notified of the survey request.

The results of the Employee Survey can be accessed by HR or Managers to analyse the outcome in a report that provided details of the results for each question. 

Self Service


Key Features

  • Quickly create any number of questionnaire based Employee Surveys.
  • Role out to all employees or specific groups.
  • Easy for employees to complete via their Self Service portal from a Web Browser
  • Carryout analysis using the built in Report.