Enhancing People Inc. Reports using the Report Designer – Free workshop.

This People Inc. short online course demonstrates how to enhance your People Inc reports using the built in Report Designer tool.

This session looks at creating a more advanced report that uses some of the powerful tools within the Report Designer to add structure to your report and allow you to add subtotals, as well as using some of the formatting tools available.

The session will look at the following features of the Report Designer:

  • Changing the orientation of the report
  • Auto sizing data fields
  • Changing the format of number fields
  • Adding a Logo
  • Grouping the report by a field to add structure.
  • Adding subtotals and/or a total

By the end of the session you should be able to create a report similar to the example shown below. Detailed supporting notes will be provided for all attendees after the course.

Report Designer Workshop


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