People Inc. Features

Keep missing critical HR related dates?

Tracking dates associated with the employing and managing of staff within an organisation is an important part of the HR Role and before an employee even starts working for the company there are many activities that have to be completed on time. The following are just some examples of they types of activities that have to be recorded, tracked and completed by the HR department:

  • Leaver Checklist – Reminder to¬†carryout Exit Interviews and Return of Company Equipment
  • On boarding tasks – End of Probation Dates, Reference Checking, Issue Contract Reminder, Notify IT to arrange equipment and system access.
  • Employee’s eligibility to to Work – Visa Expiry, Residence Permit renewal, DBS renewals
  • Fleet Management – Vehicle MOT’s, Insurance Renewals, Service Bookings
  • Training and Development – Next appraisal Date, Course Expiry Dates
  • Recruitment deadlines – Vacancy Closing Dates, Interview Reminders


How can People Inc. help?

The Action List is a standard feature within People Inc. that is designed to help you keep on top of those important HR related tasks and events.

Actions can be generated from anywhere within People Inc. either automatically as the system is updated or manually on an ad-hoc basis. The Action List will allow you allocate actions to other users (or Managers via Employee Self Service) and track progress to ensure you never miss a key date again.

Main Features

  • Centralised Action list
  • Actions can be created/linked to any record (Employee, Training, Recruitment, Fleet etc.)
  • Actions can be automatically created when creating/updating records
  • Ad-hoc Actions can also be added manually.
  • Custom Action List Triggers (for automated Actions)
  • Categorise actions (reminders, historical note, to do, etc.)
  • Target dates (enable you to create to-do lists)
  • Create reports (daily to-do list; employee history)
  • Quick Link button (to access related record)


Key Benefits

  • Never forget a key date (from anywhere in the system).
  • Display Actions by Type, Category, due date etc
  • Todays or current actions can be displayed on log in.
  • Quickly identify any overdue actions
  • Delegate tasks (actions routed to the correct person automatically)
  • Centralise records and monitor progress (records marked with a status)
  • Set-and-forget (DBS checks, visa expiry, expiry of qualifications, etc.)
  • Automate the on-boarding process (and other processes)

Actions can be created manually by the user(s) or Action List Triggers can be set up to automatically create actions when the system is updated, for example for training courses with an expiry date. Action lists can be viewed in many different ways and the system can be configured to show today’s actions when you log in to People Inc.

There are a number of ways of configuring the Action List to help make it more effective and allow you to get more from your People Inc. system whether it be implementing the new Action List Configuration Utility, checking your Action List is up to date, add new Filters and Reports for the Action List or setting the Action List as your default screen.

Find out more about how we can help you get more from the People Inc. Action List in our brochure below (Full screen view available)