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New Holiday Entitlement Calculation Wizards for People Inc.


At the beginning of each holiday year, it is important to recalculate each employees’ holiday entitlement to ensure their allowance is recalculated correctly for the coming holiday year. To make this process as simple as possible P&A Software have developed 2 new wizards for People Inc.


Close Absence Allowance Wizard.

At the end of each absence year we need to be able to close off the previous years absence allowances so that People Inc. can recalculate the subsequent years allowances whilst calculating additional elements such as length of service and carry over allowed and Carry over lost.

The new Close Absence Allowance Wizard has been designed to allow users to specify one or more absence allowances for a selection of employees to make it possible to close these in one simple process. As part of this process the wizard will calculate any carryover information and close off the selected records, so they cannot be recalculated. This is to ensure that when the allowances are assigned for the new absence year everything is calculated correctly.


Closing the absence years can be done at any point once the current holiday year has ended and once all absence information is recorded for each employee for that year.

More information about the Close Absence Allowance Wizard can be found by clicking the button below



Recreate Absence Allowance Wizard.

The Recreate Absence Allowance wizard recreates any existing holiday entitlement and other absence allowances identified on the employees record for the current year whilst also providing an option to assign a new allowance to an employee (which is useful when migrating an employee from one absence rule to another).

The Wizard can be used to recalculate the entitlements for the new year based on the Absence Rules configured within People Inc. This can include:

  1. Basic entitlement for the new year
  2. Increase entitlement based on length of service (if required)
  3. Carry Over of unused days from previous year
  4. Time off in Lieu for the new year
  5. Employee Birthday Allowance

The wizard is easy to use guide them through the process step by step as illustrated below:


This wizard can be run at any time even in the current absence year. This is useful especially for Employee Self Service users as it enables employees to begin booking holidays for the next holiday year in advance.

More information about the new Recreate Absence Allowance Wizard can be found by clicking the button below:



Checking for issues

As the wizards are run and the data processed both wizards check for any potential issues with the data, for example:

  • Have the previous year’s allowances already been closed?
  • Have the new year’s allowances already been assigned?
  • Do the allowances overlap the same period?

If an issue is encountered the system will record this in the log that is created as the wizard processes the changes. Additionally, in some cases a record is created on the employees Action List (as shown in the example below)


When can I get this wizard?

These new wizards will be available to existing customers shortly at no extra cost and can be implemented remotely (providing we can dial into your system). Alternatively, we can come to site to implement the new wizards and provide an overview of how they work to your HR Team for a small fee.


  • Benefit to users 100% 100%
  • Ease of use 90% 90%
  • Technical expertise required to implement 100% 100%
  • Set up Time/Costs 45% 45%

New Feature Rating

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Note: Features the Technical expertise required to implement rating is over 50% will need to be set up by one of our developers.