People Inc. Case Study

Transform the Appraisals process via Employee Self Service


Carrying out Appraisals can be a huge administrative task, not just for the HR department but for every member of staff especially when using paper based forms to complete appraisals for over 1200 employees.

This case study gives a brief overview how  we were able to reduce the overheads caused by Appraisals for one of our clients.



Our client who are a worldwide, leading expert in modern geotechnics and foundation engineering have over 1200 employees based at multiple sites across the UK.

Last year they implemented People Inc. HR and Employee Self Service (ESS) to replace their out of date HR Database that was  developed in house using Lotus Notes.


How has People Inc. benefited them?

People Inc. HR has provided them with a secure, central HR database that is configured to give each regional HR team access to their own employees rather than the whole company thus meeting the requirements of their internal GDPR processes.

By implementing the People Inc. Employee Self Service Module they have managed to replace their burdensome paper based holiday request process virtually overnight with an easy to use online request/approval system for booking holidays and to allow employees to notify managers of any sickness absence.

This alone has saved the business a noticeable amount of time and therefore reduced operating overheads. The system has practically paid for itself within the first 6 months of implementation.


Employee Self Service Appraisal Module

12 months on, the client identified a need to make further time and cost savings by replacing their paper-based Appraisals process with the People Inc. Employee Self Service, Appraisal Module add on.

The People Inc. Appraisal Module is an easy to use online Questions and Answer based Appraisal system that allows users to configure different sets of questions based on specific role types within the organisation.

Questions are automatically assigned to the employee based on their Job Title when the appraisal process is started. Employees and Managers are able to provide their input as part of the Appraisal process and email notifications are send on completion of each stage.


The new Appraisal system was rolled out separately to the two main divisions within the company. The HR Teams could track the status of the Appraisals in real time from the People Inc. HR console something they could not do using their old paper based process.



By utilising the People Inc. Appraisal Module add on for the Employee Self Service system they have not only significantly reduced their Admin time, they have also seen a massive increase in completion rates of this year’s Appraisals compared to previous years.

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