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Online Employee Time-sheets

The People Inc. Employee Self Service Module is designed to speed up processes and eliminate paper-based, manual tasks such as booking holidays or updating personal contact details all from a web browser on your PC, Tablet or mobile phone.

The add-on Timesheet Module provides a facility to capture employee Timesheets electronically to replace manual time-consuming process with an easy to use and much faster electronic method that links directly with your existing People Inc. HR Software.


How it works

Employees can submit Timesheets from their Computer, Tablet or mobile phone for a specified period. Once all the entries have been recorded the employee can submit the timesheet for approval.

The employees’ manager is notified via email of the new timesheet submission and they can log in and check the timesheet before approving it. Second level approval can also be configured before the timesheet is finalised. 

Time-sheets are automatically routed to payroll once they are completed; at any stage process can be monitored or tracked. The time-sheet information can then be extracted (in MS Excel format for example) for payroll processing. Management reporting can be generated easily from the information recorded within the system.


The Benefits of using online Timesheets

The benefits from using the Employee Self Service module to capture Timesheet data are varied. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • All data is centrally and securely recorded within the People Inc. Databases.
  • Quick and Easy to use, with no specialist expertise required.
  • No need for additional software or hardware. Timesheets are processed via a Web Browser from a PC or Mobile device.
  • Uses employee Work Pattern and absence records to generate/compare timesheet entries.
  • Configurable Timesheet categories are used to minimise margin of error on timesheet entry
  • Removes need for sending employee data via email or on paper so complies with GDPR
  • Automatic email notifications are sent at each stage of the process
  • Facility for managers to quickly check and approve timesheets for their teams
  • Automatic email to payroll when manager has approved
  • Quickly generate information for importing into Payroll System or sending to Bureau
  • Ability create wide range of management report information – Overtime within Period, Costs by dept by month etc.


Manage Employee Timesheets

The Online Time-Sheet Add-on is one of several optional modules for the People Inc. Self Service Module. Use the button below to request more information.


Save time, effort and costs by using the Manager Timesheet Add-on Module for People Inc. Employee Self Service



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  • Set up Time/Costs 45% 45%
  • Ease of use 75% 75%
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