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Manager Action List (for Employee Self Service)

The latest functionality for the People Inc. Employee Self Service module (ESS) is the ability to create Manager Action List which Managers can access via the Employee Self Service Module. Managers can see all actions relating to the employees they are responsible for. This is the same group of employees that the manager authorises absence requests.

This feature makes use of the existing tools within People Inc. such as the Action List and the ESS Groups and Security configuration making it very easy to implement and use for People Inc. ESS users.

Managers can access their Action List by logging on to the Employee Self Service Module (ESS) and clicking the Manager Action List Icon on the home page as shown below:

ESS home page with action list for managers

This then displays the list of actions relating to the employees that they are responsible for as shown below:

ESS Manager Action List List view - zoom

The Manager can double click on one of these entries to see the details and if required update the Action List record to show that the Action is complete by updating the ‘Status’ and ‘Actual Date’ (date completed) fields

ESS Manager Action List Detail view

How can you get access to this module?

The ESS Manager Action List functionality is now available to all customers using People Inc. and the Employee Self Service module for a small fee. Contact us if you would like a demonstration of this new add-on or any additional information.

If you would like to learn more on how to get more from People Inc. or how People Inc. can help your organisation, please contact PeopleFirstHR on 01242 663974 or via email

Enhance your People Inc. Employee Self Service by adding this simple to use but highly effective functionality to empower managers to do more such as notifying them when end probation reviews are due for example



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