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Perform Appraisals Online


The Appraisal Module for the People Inc. Employee Self Service is an optional add on that provides a facility for employees and managers to carryout the appraisal process electronically via a web browser. 

HR Admin users can define an unlimited number of questions and question sets can be assigned to employees based upon their role, for example a manager may have a different set of questions to an employee.

Appraisals are completed by both Employee and Manager as part of the built in workflow and second level approval can be activated if required. Email messages are send to the relevant users as part of the process as each user completes their own section in order to keep everyone up to date with the progress of the appraisal.

Additionally. the progress of each appraisal can be tracked by HR and analysis such as time taken to complete appraisals, or view an appraisals that are not yet complete can be done via Reports. 

 Employee Self Service Appraisal Grid View


Employee Self Service Appraisal Module


The benefits from using the Employee Self Service module to carryout Appraisals are varied. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • All data is centrally and securely recorded within the People Inc. Databases.
  • Quick and Easy to use, with no specialist expertise required.
  • No need for additional software. Appraisals can be completed by Employee and Manager via a Web Browser from a PC or Mobile device.
  • Unlimited Questions can be configured, with a text input and/or picklist option.
  • Question sets can be assigned to different Job Roles.
  • Removes need for sending employee data via email or on paper to comply with GDPR
  • Automatic email notifications are sent at each stage of the process
  • Facility for HR to quickly check the progress of Appraisals within the organisation
  • Improves the completion rate for Appraisals across the business compared to paper based systems
  • Ability create wide range of management report information – Appraisals not yet completed, Time taken to complete Appraisals.


The Online Expenses Add-on is one of several optional modules for the People Inc. Self Service Module. Use the button below to request more information. 


Speed up your companies Appraisal Process using the On line Appraisal module for People Inc. Employee Self Service  

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  • Benefit 100% 100%
  • Set up Time/Costs 45% 45%
  • Ease of use 75% 75%
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