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Flexible Working Requests with YouManage

Recent times have created new challenges for employees and businesses none more so that being able to work more flexibly.

Flexible working requests are where an employee’s asks to change their working patterns such as working reduced hours, different start and end times, or perhaps a change to the place or work, e.g. working from home.

Every employee has the right to request to work flexibly, if they have been in service for at least 26 weeks and only one request in each 12 month’s period must be considered.

However, each request does not need to be granted, but any that are rejected must be given a sound business reason and each request must be considered in a reasonable timeframe, i.e. 3 months.

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YouManage HR provides a facility for employees to make flexible working requests via their self-service portal. If an employee has already made a flexible working request the system will advise the Employee accordingly.

Create Flexible Working Request

HR/Managers can manage the request centrally from the YouManage system. Here they can quickly approve the request or arrange a meeting to discuss the request in more detail.

Flexible Working Request Details

Full details of the request are kept on the system for future reference

Flexible Working Request Details

A history of all employee Flexible working requests are recorded in the system.

Flexible Working Request History


Key Features

  • Facility for employees to submit Flexible Working Requests
  • Monitor any requests made in past 12 months.
  • Built-in workflow keeps Employee, Manager and HR informed throughout process.
  • Managers/HR can quickly respond to requests from their employees.
  • Records all details of each request
  • View history of all Flexible Working requests made by employees.
  • Keeps all important information about the request in one secure, easy to find place.