Managing HR Data Removal Policies using YouManage

Following on from our ‘Benefits of storing employee data in a secure cloud platform’ article we thought it would be useful to explain more about how YouManage can assist your business with the managing of historical employee records that may no longer need to be retained as part of your GDPR Procedures.

YouManage provides a wealth of time saving functionality designed to make the day to day managing of employee information more effective and efficient. Additionally it provides tools for system administrators to maintain the data held in the system to ensure it meets legislation.

The Data Removal feature enables the System Administrator to configure Data Removal Policies and Purge any historical data that needs to be deleted.

Data Removal Policies can be configured within the system to automatically Deleting or Anonymise Employee data after a user defined period after the employee has left the company.


The Anonymise Employee option is a valuable alternative to deletion as it allows users to still produce reports and analytics that includes leavers but the employee’s name and some personal information that could be used to identify the employee is removed.

The system can also be configured to delete records on specific data screens for leavers after a user defined period such as Employee Bank Details as these maybe considered sensitive personal information that cannot justifiably be retained.

Once Data Removal Policies are configured, Employee Data is then deleted (or anonymised) automatically based on the data removal setting to ensure you are meeting GDPR requirements.

In addition to Data Removal Policies, it is also possible to delete data from other parts of the system that is older than 5 years using the Data Purge Tool. This includes data such as old Timesheets, Email Logs and Employee Log in Records.


Both these tools are designed to efficiently help your organisation maintain compliance with legislation and form part of a suite of System Administration tools to help manage your HR software..

More information

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PeopleFirstHR have been working on Human Resource Information Systems for over 20 years and with People Inc. and YouManage since 2011. Our experience means we can provide a common-sense approach to providing you with a comprehensive HR system to help you record and maintain your employee data to help you with your GDPR compliance.

More in-depth information about GDPR compliance can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Website.


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