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Managing HR Policy Documents using People Inc.


Often part of the on-boarding process is for employees to read and agree to a wide range of different company employment policies. These policies provide key information and guidelines for employees about how the business operates in addition to what is contained in the employees contract. This could include:

• Health and Safety Policy

• Equal Opportunity Policy

• Code of conduct.

• Recruitment policy.

• Internet and email policy.

• Mobile phone policy.

• Non-smoking policy.

• Drug and alcohol policy.

• Anti-discrimination and harassment policy.

• Overtime

• Paid Absence from work

• Staff Holidays


Printing these documents and asking an employee to read and sign them is inefficient as it is time consuming and generates an unwanted volume of paper. We can reduce this administrative burden of this process using People Inc. by:

• Provide employees access to electronic copies of the relevant policy documents

• Enable each employee to ‘sign’ that they have read and understood each policy

• Notify employees of any new policies  for them to ‘sign’

• Replace existing policies with update versions as required and notify employees to ‘sign’

In addition to saving administrative time and printing costs, HR users can easily keep track of who has or hasn’t ‘signed’ each policy. It also means all of your policy’s are easier to manage as they can be maintained in one central area within People Inc. which provides employees with anytime access to the policies in case they have any questions minimising the number of queries the manager or HR may get.


Managing Policy Documents

Policy documents are recorded in the Policy Documents screen within People Inc. The actual document can also be stored directly in the system rather than a company shared drive if required.

Policy Documents Screen Shot

 Policy Document Screen


Rules are built into the system to prevent policies from being deleted once they have been signed off by employees to maintain a history. Old versions of documents can instead be hidden from view

A history of which employees have ‘signed’ each policy can be shown and these are marked as Read and Understood. It is also possible to track who has not yet signed the policy.


Employee Sign Off

Employees can access their Policy document history via the Employee Self Service (ESS) module. Here they can view a list of the policy documents assigned to them and if they have signed them or not.

In addition employees can access a copy of the Policy directly from the system allowing them to read the document before updating the record on the ESS.


Review Policies ESS


New Employees

For new employees, a full list of current policy documents is automatically created for them to review. These can be done as part of their induction to the business which includes logging into and using the Employee Self Service Module.


Adding new policies

Over time, new policies will be added and others will be updated and the old versions will be marked as ‘not current’. 

As policies are added or updated, the employees are notified of the changes for them to read and sign off. Older versions of the policies will automatically be hidden to prevent confusion however, the history of the employee interaction with the previous version will be retained by the system.

Old versions of policy documents are kept within the system but are hidden from view and any history is again recorded.



A number of reports can be used to help manage Policy document versions and track who has or has not signed each policy.


Where can I get this functionality?

The HR Policy Documents functionality for People Inc. is available to People Inc. customers for a small implementation fee. This feature can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

If you would like to learn more on how to get more from People Inc. or how People Inc. can help your organisation please contact PeopleFirstHR on 0330 223 6180 or via email