Managing the On Boarding Process using People Inc. HR


Following on from our recent article about the importance of the onboarding process here is an example of how we can configure existing People Inc. HR and Employee Self Service functionality to help manage your onboarding process.

This includes:

  • Configure Automatically generated Tasks relating to the Onboarding Process for HR, Managers, Employees and specific Users (Payroll)
  • Give new Starters access to the Employee Self Service Module prior to their start data to allow them to begin adding key information such as Contact information, Bank Details and key documents such as a Driving Licence.
  • Give Managers access to any onboarding tasks relating to the New Starter.
  • The progress of the onboarding process can be tracked using a New Starter Checklist screen that can be updated by the HR Team (or Manager via ESS).

New Starters

New Starters can be given access to the Employee Self Service Portal in advance of their Start Date via a Welcome Email generated by the system. Using the login details provided enables them log in and provide information prior to their joining the company. This includes:

  1. Entering Personal Contact, Emergency Contact and Bank Information
  2. Uploading additional information such as Birth Certificate and Passport details
  3. View their induction training programme (using Training needs based on their role).

HR Team

In addition to being able to monitor any changes made by the New Starter or other users, the HR Team can track the progress of the On-boarding process using a checklist (by creating a custom screen within People Inc. using the Screen Designer module).

Reports can be produced to track progress of On Boarding Process by employee or by Task.

For example, track if the employee has updated key documentation such as a Birth Certificate or Driving Licence prior to their start date.

Action and email Notifications can also be automatically generated to remind HR to check this).


Managers can also be involved in the onboarding process by assigning Tasks (that are automatically generated when the New Starter is added to the People Inc. system) relating to the new employee.

Manager Tasks can be accessed via their Employee Self Service Portal and can be updated by the manager once complete.

Alternatively (or additionally), the New Starter Checklist can also be made available to the Manager via ESS. This can be configured so they can only update items that they are required to do.

Other Users (Specific Departments)

Access can be given to specific users within the business such as Payroll to enable them to track new starter activity via the People Inc. User Web Portal.

Their access can be configured based on the companies’ requirements and to meet General Data Protection Regulations.

For example, Payroll Users could be given access to specific screens within the system.

From here they can view other Payroll related information for other employees (not just new starters) such as Online Expense Claims and Online Timesheets.

Payroll users could be given read-only access to specific screens and if need be, to the Employment Checks screen and the New Starter Checklist screen if required.

Users can also be given access to a suite of reports. Reports could include data exports that can be exported as a CSV file for importing into Payroll.

Similar access can be provided to other Departments such as IT, Fleet or Training to involve them in the Onboarding process.


More information

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