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Managing special category employee data



We have recently been asked by a customer how they can manage special category employee data in relation to data retention to help them comply with GDPR.

Whilst there are presently no mandatory retention periods for special category employee data, nor is there a definitive list of what is considered special category data, we have looked at how we can help customers manage this which is simple to set up and use whilst being flexible enough to amend if the legislation changes.

How would it work?

There are a number of options to do this such as develop specific functionality using system triggers to automate the deletion of records, but we feel that until special categories and retention periods are clearly defined by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) (visit ICO website)  the simplest way is to notify users when a specific record needs to be deleted from the system.

To do this, users who have been trained on using the built in People Inc. Screen Designer module can add a custom field that is used to enter a date when the record needs to be deleted by as shown in the example below:


Customised Screen

Users can then create an Action List Trigger that generates a ‘reminder’ for say 30 days prior to this date for users to Action as shown in the example below:


Action List Trigger

When the record is updated with the ‘Delete by’ date and action is created in the users Action List

New Action List Item

This Action List item can then be viewed alongside any other actions that are due in the users Action List.

User Action List

Don’t forget there are other tools available within People Inc. to help maintain your data such as the Record Deletion wizard that allows you to completely delete any Employee or Applicant records that are due for deletion as part of your data retention policy. Find out more

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How can I get this functionality?

People Inc. comes with a built-in screen designer module where users with suitable training can customise existing screens or create completely new ones. Alternatively contact us and one of our trained consultants can do this for you.

If you would like to learn more on how to get more from People Inc. or how People Inc. can help your organisation, please contact us on 01242 663974 or via email