People Inc. Webinar/Workshop

Managing Starters and Leavers – Free online workshop.

This People Inc. short online workshop provides an invaluable overview of the Starter and Leaver process using People Inc.

This session looks at streamlining the Starter and Leaver processes by utilising some of the timesaving tools within People Inc. and includes:

  • Adding new employee information using the New Starter Wizard
  • Sending a Company Welcome Letter
  • Sending login details for the Self Service module.
  • Reviewing Mandatory Training Needs for the new employee.
  • Processing Leavers using a Wizard
  • Reinstating Leavers who rejoin the company.
  • Managing Starter/Leaver Actions
  • Notifying Payroll of New Starters/Leavers
  • Reviewing Headcount reports.

By the end of the session attendees will have a gained an refresher on the Starter/Leaver process using People Inc. as well as gain an understanding of some People Inc. features that they may not yet have used.