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Managing the Leaver Process

There’s much more to the leaver process when an employee leaves than organising a leaving speech and/or drinks. Whilst the leaver process differs from one company to another, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Do we need an exit interview?
  2. Do they have any company owned equipment that needs to be returned?
  3. What access do they have to our property and systems and when should these be removed?
  4. How we ‘process’ them as a leaver on our systems?
  5. Who do we need to notify within the business of the leaver?
  6. How long should we keep their employee information after they have left?
  7. What happens if they re-join the company in the future?


How can People Inc. HR help with the leaver process?

People Inc. HR has a wide range of tools to help manage employee information and processes throughout their time with the organisation and if need be beyond.

The following are some examples of how these can be used to help manage the leaver process:


Action List reminders – notify Payroll

An important part of the leave process is to notify the relevant departments of the leaver details. One way to do this within People Inc. is by using the Action List.




Generate a report to show a list of company equipment used by the leaver

Another department to notify is IT. They will need to ensure all company owned equipment is returned and the employees access is removed from IT systems and in some cases access to the building.




Leaver process wizard to show they are a leaver,

Records for Employees who have left will need to be updated. This includes updating of Job and Salary records, closing of any future absence bookings, removal from any future training courses they are booked onto and so on. This is all done within People Inc. using a specially designed wizard.


Record exit interview details

Your leaver process may include an interview with the employee prior to their leave date. This can be recorded within People Inc. an the Exit Interview as shown below. This screen can be customised to meet the organisations specific requirements.



Generate reference letters

You maybe required to provide a reference for the leaver. For this a standard Reference Letter template can be created that mail merges some of the key information required for the reference to save time. This can be customised depending on your requirements. 













Delete records for leavers after a period of time for data protection purposes.

Whilst there are currently no mandatory retention periods for keeping employee data after they have left you may decide to completely remove the employees record from the system as part of your GDPR process.

The Delete Records Wizard allows users to completely delete Employee or Applicant records on and before a chosen date.



These are just a handful of examples where People Inc. can help you with your Leaver Process. If you would like more information about People Inc.  please contact us using the button below.