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Managing Zero Hour Contracts

The exclusivity clause for zero hour contracts has recently been banned. This finally allows employees who currently work zero hours for one company, to also look for work and agree a contract with another employer, at the same time.

A zero hour contract is designed to provide a high degree of flexibility for employers. There is no guarantee of a minimum number of working hours, so the individual employee can be used as and when required, and is only paid for the hours they work.

With regards to holiday and holiday pay, this is usually managed on an accrual basis, and in most cases absence taken as holiday is unpaid due to the nature of the contract.


How can People Inc. help?

People Inc. is a very flexible piece of software, which means that changes to legislation can easily be incorporated into the system. We now have a modification for People Inc. which allows you to record zero hour contracts, and provides reports that can be used to in conjunction with our ESS time sheet module to calculated holiday pay.

Zero Hour Contracts customisation

Zero Hour Contracts customisation


To find out more about configuring People Inc. HR to manage Zero Hour Contracts contact us on 01242 663974 or


Make sure you are compliant with the latest legislation relating to Zero Hour Contracts using People Inc.

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