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People Inc. – New Absence Management Pack for Employee Self Service Module



The new People Inc. Absence Pack is an optional add-on module for the Employee Self Service that provides additional functionality relating to managing Absence. The pack provides tools to manage the following:

  • Holiday Sale
  • Toil Requests
  • Late notifications

Holiday Buy/Sale Tool

The Holiday Sale tool allows employees to Buy or Sell a portion of their Holidays entitlement for the current holiday year. When a request is submitted by an employee, their manager receives an email notification. The Manager can then log in to the Employee Self Service module to approve or reject the request and the employee is notified accordingly.

ESS Holiday Buy/Sell Tool



Parameters can be set up within People Inc. to control the number of Sales and Purchased within the period and this is then managed as part of the employee’s absence allowance.


Time of in Lieu (TOIL) Requests

 The TOIL Requests tool, allows employees to submit TOIL Requests directly from the Employee Self Service module which once approved are credited to an Absence Allowance record. 

 ESS TOIL Requests


People Inc. administrators can set up limits on the amount requested in a single request and a maximum amount in the period.


Late Notifications

The Late Notifications screen allows an ESS user to quickly report that they expect to arrive late. The system will then email a notification to their managers to make them aware.

Late Notifications


Where can I get the new Absence Management Pack?

The New Absence Pack for ESS is an optional add-on module for People Inc. Employee Self Service that requires an additional licence. Costs are available on request. 

If you would like to learn more about the People Inc. Absence Management Pack please contact us on 01242 663974 or via email