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NEW Data Check Plugin for People Inc. HR


HR Administration requires large quantities of employee information to be recorded securely in your HR Software Solution.

The quality of this data is critical, not least when it comes to generating reports and statistical information for the business. 

New Data Check Plug in

The Data Check plugin is a new tool for People Inc. that provides an analysis of your data over a range of dates that can be specified by the user.

Information is displayed on a Dashboard that shows a selection of dials and gauges to help you analyse your employee data.

Once the analysis is complete, the dashboard will show the outcome. This includes Headcount Analysis as well as analysis of the Absence History, Absence Allowance and Absence Requests data for the specified period.

Statistics are displayed on the Dashboard tabs so you can see key information at a glance for example view current headcounts, future Starters and leavers, Turnover Rate and Retention Rates.

Any potential issues within the data are highlighted so users can check and correct any issues if required.

Main Benefits of new Data Check Tool

  • Can select any date range for analysis
  • Quickly view Headcount and Absence  Statistics information
  • Clearly identify any potential data issues
  • Simple, easy to understand dashboard views
  • Saves the need for creating individual data analysis reports.
  • Quick and easy to use.

The New Data Check Plug In is available now for free to existing People Inc. users as part of the latest People Inc. Wizard Pack 4. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the new wizard pack.


People Inc. Ongoing Development Programme

People Inc. has an extensive ongoing development programme to continually look at ways to improve the functionality within People Inc.  As part of this programme, work is being done on the Wizards functionality within People Inc. not only looking at improving the existing Wizards but also identifying new Wizards to speed up some of the multi-step or repetitive processes within People Inc.