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People Inc. – New Employee Scheduler for Employee Self Service Module


The recent update to the People Inc. ESS (v4.1) provides a number of new features to enhance the functionality of the ESS Module. These include:

  • Team dashboard
  • Scheduler
  • Directory
  • Absence Request wizard
  • Training Matrix*
  • ESS Absence Pack (includes: Holiday Sale, Toil Requests, Late notifications) *

The New Employee Scheduler

The new Employee Scheduler is a new feature that can provides users with a calendar showing  a range of employee related activities using information taken from their Employee records. This includes:

  • Employee Work Anniversaries
  • Key dates (such as end of Probation)
  • Training needs and bookings
  • Holiday and Absence information (such as holiday requests, bank holidays etc).
  • Shift Patterns and hours worked (People Inc. Time Users)

Employees can view their own schedule from their PC or mobile device directly from the Employee Self Service Module.

Employee Scheduler for ESS

Managers can also access a Group View to display a timeline of activities for their team members. The current availability status of each employee is also displayed (Blue for Available, Pink for Unavailable).

Employee Scheduler Team View

Where can I get the new Employee Scheduler?

The Employee Scheduler for People Inc. ESS is an add-on that is provided with the latest release of the Employee Self Service module and is available to all customers using People Inc. (an ESS licence maybe required).

If you would like to learn more about the People Inc. Employee Scheduler please contact agathonhr on 01242 663974 or via email


*New optional add on modules that require an additional licence and support fee.