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New People Inc. HR Software Support websites

Our Partners, P&A Software, the people behind People Inc. have recently invested a great deal of time and effort working on a new People Inc. HR Software Support website and online help website. Both these support tools are free as part of your annual maintenance for People Inc.

This means that not only is People Inc. continually developed to add more time saving functionality for users, a lot of work is also carried out on improving how customers are supported and what resources they have access to.


People Inc. HR Software Support Website

The new People Inc. Online Support is there to provide a central help file for users to quickly access a wide range of useful information about People Inc. rather than provide lots of individual documents that are easy to misplace. The new Online help file can be accessed via an Internet Browser using one of the following links (depending on which version of People Inc. you are using):


People  Inc. Online Resource Website

The online resources website for People Inc. is designed to provide customers with access to a wide range of add-on tools and useful information that falls outside of the above help file. This includes:

  • Free, downloadable online Reports Library
  • The latest user guides and manuals
  • New Plug-ins and Wizard that can be downloaded for free
  • Information about system messages and Frequently Asked Questions

To access the Resources Website you will need to register by clicking on the link below:

Keep checking both these new support websites as they will be regularly updated with additional resources to help you get the most from your People Inc. Software.