People Inc. Features

Report Browser for People Inc.

People Inc. comes with a report library containing around 200 report templates for customer to use. The new Report Browser plug in for People Inc. gives users access to an online library containing an additional 200 report templates.

Users can browse the online report library from the new plug in, select and install individual report templates within their own People Inc. system.


Benefits from using the new Report Browser

  • Much quicker and easier to gain access to a wide range of new reports that do not come with the standard system.
  • Additional reports will be regularly added to the online library as they are developed.
  • Reports are grouped into Categories to make it easier to find.
  • Each report in the online library has a preview and brief summary to help you select the reports you would like to download.
  • Report Templates can be downloaded at the click of a mouse. They are then installed into a folder of your choosing in your own People Inc. Report Library (or an individual data screen) for using as often as you like.


Where can I get the Report Browser Plug in?

The Report Browser plug in can be downloaded directly from the People Inc. online Support website. Users will require to register if they have not already done so. Registration is free of charge as part of your annual support. The People Inc. Support website can be accessed using the button below.