People Inc. Case Study

Casestudy: Online Employee Questionnaires using People Inc.


Due to the flexibility of People Inc. we were recently able to meet a customer’s requirements to have an online questionnaire so employees can record their Social Mobility. We also developed a custom report that showed the total number of responses for each question so HR could produce the stats they needed.

New Social Mobility Screen

Using the Screen designer module that comes as standard with People Inc. we developed a new online questionnaire screen based upon the paper version of their social media form. The online questionnaire had to be simple and quick to use so we created the responses either as a fixed picklist or a tick box so employees can quickly select a response, also ensuring the quality of the data (rather than them adding their own responses).

Online form via Employee Self Service (ESS)

This new Social Mobility online questionnaire screen was then made available for employees to update via the Employee Self Service (ESS) therefore replacing the need to send out paper forms; employees to complete and return them; for HR to consolidate the responses in a spreadsheet to be able to report on the results.

Social Mobility Questionnaire

Using the Employee Self Service, employees could simply login, complete the online questionnaire and HR could produce the stats directly from People Inc. via a report once the exercise is complete.


A number of reports were generated to manage the process of gathering these results, from tracking who had completed the form to viewing the results of the questionnaire by individual employee but we also were required to develop a report that showed the total number of each response for each question.

Whilst People Inc. has its own Report Writer tool which most users with the correct training can produce a wide range of professional looking reports this report required more advanced skills and was therefore created by one of our technical team. This report is also available via the Employee Self Service Module.

Social Mobility Report


This is just one example of how People Inc. and the Employee Self Service can be customised to save the HR function a great deal of time and effort. We could adapt this idea to any number of different types of online forms to meet your specific needs such as:

  • Surveys (i.e. Employee suggestions)
  • Data collection (track to see if have employees read key HR Policies for example)
  • Training Course Feedback Forms
  • Return to Work forms
We can apply this functionality To virtually any online questionnaire, demonstration the power and functionality of the People Inc. Screen designer tool
Andrew Pearce

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  • Benefit 75% 75%
  • Set up Time/Costs 50% 50%
  • Ease of use 75% 75%
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