People Inc. Case Study

People Inc. at Shelley College

Shelley College are a Secondary School and Sixth Form College based near Huddersfield who have over 200 employees. In 2015 they became the founding member of SHARE Multi Academy Trust forming a partnership with Heaton Avenue Primary School and Millbridge Junior, Infant and Nursery School with plans to expand to a group of 8-10 schools over the next 5 years, thus increasing their staff numbers and HR requirements.

Whilst their existing system provided a facility for producing the School Workforce Census reports it did not offer much in terms of managing HR related information.

Their need was for a system to provide a wide range of HR features and functionality, which was also flexible enough to enable them to record and report on the information required for D0fE reporting. People Inc. met their requirements within a modest budget.

Their brief was to provide the following functionality:

  • Facility to record and manage Core HR for 300 + Teachers and Support Staff
  • Scalable to meet the demands of the expansion of the SHARE partnership
  • Multi-Site access
  • Absence Management via Employee Self Service
  • Centrally Store core HR documentation and processes, accessible by employees
  • Ability to manage Term Time plus hours for Support Staff, including time off in lieu
  • Flexibility to incorporate additional School Workforce Census information
  • Powerful reporting capabilities to produce School Workforce Census reports in appropriate format
  • Absence Triggers – Email notifications warning HR when Employees have taken more than the allowed sick days each month
  • Comprehensive suite of HR reports and the facility to create new reports
  • Help desk support

Helen Cuthill, HR Director at Shelley College was pleasantly surprised when we were able to deliver all of the requirements she had asked for. “We had looked at a number of different systems but found it extremely difficult to find one that could meet all of our requirements to a suitable level at any cost. Agathonhr and People Inc. not only met these but in many cases surpassed all of our needs within our budget.”

Helen went onto say, “To be able to manage our HR function and be able to produce our School Workforce Census reports all from one system has saved us a great deal of time, effort and costs by effectively stopping duplicate data entry overnight. This has proven to be a huge benefit as our multi academy partnership has grown since People Inc. was implemented.”

“Shelley College had many new and quite specific requirements for this project yet we were confident these could be met successfully without breaking the bank” says Andrew Pearce, Director at AgathonHR. “We have invested a great deal of time and effort in working on the People Inc. system from P&A Software as it offers unparalleled power, flexibility and affordability which enables us to meet the needs of virtually any organisation such as Shelley College”.

People Inc. HR is an extremely comprehensive, benefit packed HR Software system. It is designed to meet the needs of companies of a variety of sizes from Small business with less than 30 employees, through to Enterprise level companies with Tens of Thousands of employees.

Not only does it come ‘out of the box’ packed with ready to go functionality such as Core HR, Employee Self Service and Web Recruitment, it is also incredibly flexible, more so than many if its competitors for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the user interface has been kept very straight forward without any unnecessary gimmicks to make it extremely easy to use.

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