People Inc. Case Study

People Inc. HR for Academies

Why Academies are choosing People Inc.

Due to the versatility of People Inc. it can be used in virtually any business sector and be either used straight out of the box or developed to meet specific requirements. A good example of this is the work we have done recently for new School Academies.

Academies are public funded schools which have sponsors such as business, universities or other schools and due to the specific reporting requirements to the Department of Education (DFE) have many additional requirements for their HR Software in addition to core HR activities. This is in the form of providing an annual School Workforce Census report which is a mandatory requirement for Academies and comprises of a variety of specifically formatted reports.

School Workforce Census Reporting at Academies

SWC Reports at Academies

SWC Reports at Academies


We have found from working with a number of academies that they record and manage employee information using systems that have very limited HR Functionality as they are primarily designed for the management of education (Pupil Data and Timetables, etc.).

The academies that have opted to invest in People Inc. have done so because it provides them with a facility that not only helps them manage day to day HR activity but also produce the data required for the annual School Workforce Census report without the need for additional effort or duplication.

Standard Functionality

The following requirements are just some of the standard functionality within People Inc. which were identified as essential for Academies:

  • Need to record Pay History
  • Administration of Holidays and Absence
  • Require ‘Multi Company’ capability to manage subsidiary annexes
  • Absence data – Holidays run in line with academic year (April to March for Cleaners/Caretakers)
  • Mail Merge and auto attach documents (contracts) to employees
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Ability to scan and store documents against employee records
  • Ability to manage Training and the management of Courses from the system
  • Training records – all job roles to feed into the Training screen as a Training Need
  • Employee Reviews
  • Addition of Bank Holidays until 2020

Key Additional Requirements

Through our work with academies we have also identified the following requirements that are in addition to the core HR functionality, which we have been able to provide using People Inc.

  • Management of Term Time Plus Hours for Support Staff
  • School Workforce Census Reporting
  • Data from SIMS to be imported into People Inc. for Academies
  • Ability to manage HR data at a number of sites (Schools)
  • Facility to store key documentation such as Policies, Forms, Staff Handbooks etc. centrally and provide employees with access.

Employee Self Service Requirements

  • ‘Managers’  to administer holidays (for Support Staff)
  • Allow employees to manage personal information which is relevant to them
  • Allow employees to record/request all Absence types (Holiday, Sickness, Compassionate Leave etc).
  • Allow employees to view their Absence calendar and Remaining Balance at a quick glance.
  • Allow employees to manage Term Time Plus Hours (this is also displayed on the ‘absence’ calendar).
  • Allow HR and other Managers to run reports
  • Personal absence approval process

HR Reporting Requirements

People Inc. comes with a library of useful reports to analyse all aspects of employee data recorded, including:

  • Continuous Teaching Service (across all employers)
  • Continuous Service – for staff who have been TUPE’d across
  • Continuous Service – at current employer
  • Absence analysis including Long Term Absence and Short Term Absence with costs
  • Bradford Factor reporting
  • Staff Turnover Starters and Leavers
  • Equality, Gender, Ethnicity, Disability, Religion
  • Length of service
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Headcount for Multiple Roles
  • Qualifications Report
  • FTE Report
  • Salary analysis
  • Multiple roles
  • Age analysis
  • Grade analysis

Workforce Census Report Requirement

In addition to standard HR reporting People Inc. can be customised to produce information for the annual School Workforce Census. This is generated in a suitable format matching the templates provided by DFE for importing into their online system.

The following is a list of the reports generated on People Inc. for the DFE Workforce Census (SWC) Report;

  • School Workforce Members Report (DFE3.3)
  • Contract/Service Report (DFE 3.4)
  • Post Additional Payments Report (DFE 3.5)
  • Roles Report (DFE 3.6)
  • Role Additional Payments Report (DFE 3.7)
  • Absence Report (DFE 3.8)
  • Qualifications Report (DFE 3.10)
  • School Report (DFE 3.11)
  • Vacancy Report (DFE 3.12)
  • Agency TP Support Staff Report (DFE 3.13)


People Inc. for academies is just one of the ways in which People Inc. can be customised to your specific needs.


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  • Set up Time/Costs 75% 75%
  • Ease of use 75% 75%
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