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Speed up your Holiday Year End Process

For many companies their holiday year runs from 1st January each year and will now need to run their Holiday Year end process to check if employees used up all of their entitlement last year and to add any carry over to the new year’s entitlement.

Some methods of running the Holiday Year End such as using Paper holidays forms and/or spreadsheets can be time consuming and often result in errors in calculations which can be stressful for both the HR department and the employees. 

Thankfully this process is made simple within People Inc. as it has tools specifically designed to make the recording and managing of employee holiday bookings and entitlements more efficient and accurate.


People Inc. Year End Process

Firstly, absence rules can be created to cater for most situations such as Full Time or Part Time employees. Additionally, different parameters can be assigned to each rule for example, adjust for bank holidays, allow carry over and automatic rounding as required.

Different bank holidays can be added to the system and then assigned to employees, catering for companies with offices in regions with different bank holidays such as Scotland and England.

All holidays can be recorded for each employee directly in the system and bookings can even be made and approved via the Employee Self Service (ESS) module.

Approved holidays are automatically deducted from the employees entitlement based on the rule they have been assigned to and employees can see a tally of their currently entitlement from their ESS Absence Calendar (shown below)

Individual Absence Calendar 

People inc. Individual Holiday Calendar

Each year a wizard can be used to close off the previous year in one quick process. Another wizard can be used to quickly recreate their new allowances for the new holiday year for all employees.

Wizards are tools within People Inc. to help speed up the various processes or workflows. You can find more information about the Absence Year End wizards here 


Other Absence Types

Additionally People Inc. can be used to manage virtually any type of absence, not just Holidays. Rules for Sickness, Compassionate Leave, Authorised Leave, Medical Appointments, Term Time leave and Parental leave are just some of the absence rules that can be configured within People Inc. 

A Note on Bank Holidays

Don’t forget – this year the May Bank Holiday Monday which usually falls on the first Monday in May, moving to a Friday to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Read more 

For a full list of UK Bank Holidays click here .