People Inc. HR

All-in-one, flexible and affordable HR Software Solution




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An easy to use yet comprehensive HR Software system, designed to meet the needs of most small to medium sized companies.

Not only does it come ‘out of the box’ packed with ready to go functionality, it also has built in Screen Designer and Report Writer tools. This provides incredible flexibility to help meet the customers specific needs, more so than many if its competitors for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the user interface has been designed without any unnecessary gimmicks to make it extremely easy to use.

The standard configuration of People Inc. HR Software provides the following: 

 Data Screens: 

  • Basic employee details (name address, key dates, equal-ops, etc.)
  • Absence allowances, absence bookings and reporting.
  • Job details, establishment, headcount, career history
  • Remuneration (pay and benefits)
  • Appraisals and training needs, course bookings
  • Recruitment (including internal recruitment)
  • Company cars and pool vehicles
  • Equipment issued (e.g. safety equipment, mobile phones)
  • Discipline and grievance
  • Next of kin, bank account, medicals, maternity leave, paternity leave
  • Parental leave


  • Screen Designer
  • Report Writer
  • Comprehensive Security Profiles
  • Letter/Mail Merge
  • Organisation Charts
  • Attached Documents
  • Payroll Change Log
  • Workflow Wizards
  • Individual Absence Calendar
  • Group Absence Viewer
  • Report and Letter Library
  • Report Browser (download new reports templates)
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Data Import/Export tools
  • Record Deletion (GDPR)
  • Training Needs Matrix