Terms and Conditions

People Inc. Terms and Conditions 

All prices quoted in GB Pounds (unless specified otherwise) are net (an additional charge will be made for VAT at the standard rates) and are valid for 30 days.

Software Licenses
All software products will be despatched (or supplied as a software download) within 2 weeks of receipt of order and are provided with a “30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.” System licenses are issued for a period of 12 months after which time they expire. Licenses and are issued (re-issued) on payment of the annual maintenance contract fee. It is not possible to access or use a system after the system license has expired.

Maintenance contracts are issued for a period of one year (unless specified otherwise). It is not possible to use the software without a current maintenance contract. No refund is due if maintenance is cancelled before the end of the period. Maintenance contracts will be renewed automatically (at the then current price) unless or until you advise us of your wish to cancel maintenance. Three months written notice is required for the cancellation of maintenance. Unless you cancel the maintenance contract then you are liable to pay for it, regardless of the use to which you put the service. Invoices for maintenance will be provided 90 days prior to renewal date and then reminders will be issued 60 day and 30 days prior to the renewal date. Payment must be made in advance of the renewal date in order to ensure your new licence is issued in time.

Consultancy (or training) must be booked within 2 months of purchase and completed within 6 months of purchase. Notice of cancellation or postponement of consultancy (or training) must be provided in writing. Should you wish to cancel a consultancy (or training) day with less than 10 days’ notice, payment in full will be due. Where consultancy (or training) is cancelled with more than 10 days’ notice, 30% of the fee is due. Where consultancy (or training course) is postponed with less than 10 working days’ notice, a 15% postponement fee is due (in addition to the appointment fee). On-site consultancy (or training) services are provided in full-days only. Consultancy (or training) not used within 6 months of purchase will be treated at short-term postponed; a 15% postponement fee will therefore be due (in addition to the appointment fee). The costs associated with consultancy (or training) services are excluded from the money back guarantee. Any travel, accommodation and sustenance expenses will be charged additionally, at cost. Travel costs charges at £0.50 per mile. Invoices for training courses will be issued 10 days prior to the appointment date; invoices for consultancy days will be issued on completion of individual consultancy days. Credit terms for consultancy (or training) orders are 30 days.

In addition to the terms detailed in the consultancy section (which also apply to training), the following terms also apply to user training. On-site training courses are scheduled to start at 9:30 and finish at 16:00 (with a 30 minute break for lunch). Attendance is limited to a maximum of 4 delegates. A further fee per delegate is due where additional delegates attend training. Where larger groups require training, it is possible by arrangement to provide 2 trainers (an additional fee is due for the second trainer). A ratio of at least one trainer per 4 delegates will be provided on delegate-based training courses. The agenda for delegate-based courses is fixed (i.e. cannot be adjusted for individual delegates). It is not possible to postpone attendance on delegate-based training courses (postponement will be treated as a cancellation). Non-attendance of training courses will be treated as a cancellation.
NOTE: We do not provide Half Days Training or Consultancy.

Late Payment
Where invoices are not paid within credit terms, interest will be charged on the amount due. This will be based on the current LIBOR rate plus 5%.


Protecting your data
There will be times when we are required to take backups or copies of your data in a variety of formats to enable us to provide some of our services such as data migrations or data imports.

We have strict security measures to protect your data whilst we are storing or processing it for example:

  • Your data is stored on a secure server on our internal network which is not available externally.
  • If data is transferred to a portable device or laptop, we will use encryption on all devices to protect your data.
  • Only fully trained PeopleFirstHR employees will have access to your data
  • All data will be fully deleted within 30 days of completion of a project.

In addition, we may need to provide your data to a People Inc. technical consultant at P&A Software in order to provide additional technical support or development. We will always ask you in writing before doing so.


Your responsibilities
It is your responsibility to take measures to ensure any data is provided to us as securely as possible. You must therefore:

  • Not provide any personal employee information openly in any format including emails.
  • Compress and password protect any databases or Excel spreadsheets.
  • Send any data to us via a suitable secure FTP site or via an encrypted USB Memory stick.


If you have any queries or require any additional information please contact us via email: enquiries@peoplefirsthr.co.uk