People Inc. Time

A fully featured Time & Attendance system that combines hardware and software elements to enable users to schedule work-patterns and manage employee timekeeping.
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People Inc. Time is a powerful, flexible and cost effective Time & Attendance solution that fully integrates into your People  Inc. HR software.

With the additional benefits of the HR functionality from People Inc. and an integrated Employee Self Service module, People Inc. Time can have a significant impact on employees attitude to attendance and can actively reduce absence as well as improve productivity and efficiency. 

System Features

The People Inc. Time system provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Flexible work pattern planning that can be configured quickly and easily, and allows users to cater for variable staffing requirements.
  • Facility to define standard business rules associated with shift patterns, overtime, holidays, and exceptions.
  • Time registration via a range of devices, including modern clock-terminals, PC clocking-agent, and web-based time registration tools.
  • Real time e-Mail alerts generated by the system and sent to managers as required.
  • A suite of standard reports used to feed payroll, provide management reporting and identify absence trends as required.
  • HR database to manage all aspects of HR including headcount and staff-turnover, remuneration, appraisals and staff development, recruitment, etc.
  • Access Control features to control and record employee access to buildings and areas.
  • Employee Self-Service enables employees to view attendance records and request holidays.
  • Data extraction generates information required by payroll service or software.
  • Information recorded securely in one database based on Microsoft SQL Server technology.
  • Operates over a wide-area network; one copy of People Inc. Time can be used to manage staff-attendance at many sites.

How does People Inc. Time work?

People Inc. Time combines hardware and software elements to enable users to schedule work-patterns and manage employee timekeeping.


  • Employees are assigned to a group within People Inc. Time. Each group can be configured with a different set of rules such as Shift Patterns, Overtime, Flexitime, Exceptions, holiday entitlements, automatic rounding and grace periods).
  • Staff work patterns can then be planned via the Roster Planning feature for each work period throughout the year. This can be accessed by relevant line managers if required to enable them to manage the work schedule for their Group.
  • Employees are required to clock in/out at the beginning and end of their ‘Shift’. The system can be configured to automatically clock in and out during break such as lunch time or at the end of the shift if required.
  • The system then compares the clock times against the Roster to identify any exceptions and then apply the relevant rule to each. For example, deduct pay if the employee is late, calculate overtime if they work over their standard hours (at different rates if required) and so on.
  • Employee hours worked each pay period can be analysed using reports. A standard suite of reports is provided with the system, these can be exported in a range of formats so it can be used for processing the Payroll.