People Inc. Version 4

More accessible yet more secure than ever before with a wealth of new and enhanced features and benefits. Contact us to find out how Version 4 can benefit you.
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People Inc. Version 4

People Inc. is a flexible modular HR system that provides organisations of all sizes with a comprehensive range of HR tools and features.  

People Inc. has been designed to centrally record all aspects of the employees life-cycle from recruiting to the leaving process whilst reducing many of the administrative tasks associated with the HR role.

New/Enhanced Features for People Inc. HR:

People Inc. Version 4 includes a wealth of new features and benefits designed to help you improve how you manage your employee information building on the existing time saving functionality that People Inc already provides.


 New/Enhanced Features include:


  • Competencies section (NEW)
  • Right to Work Documents Screen (NEW)
  • E-Mail reminders for Action List (NEW)
  • RIDDOR area on Absence History Screen (NEW)
  • Automatic Absence Rounding (NEW)
  • Drop Down list mode for Picklists (NEW)
  • Pick List Search by typing functionality (NEW)
  • Improved Data Security (Encryption)
  • Enhanced Security (strong password policy)
  • Improved navigation from history screens
  • Lookup code tables (for ONS reporting) (NEW)
  • Improved Compatibility with MS Office 365

New/Enhanced Features for People Inc. Employee Self Service:

The Employee Self Service Module is designed to reduce the administrative burden within any organisation such as the booking of holidays and updating of personal details. People Inc. has even more functionality that will save your company time whilst also being more accessible and secure than ever.  

New/Enhanced ESS Features include:


  • Redesigned Employee Self Service Interface
  • Access from a Mobile phone (NEW)
  • Company News Section (NEW)
  • Sickness registration and Return to Work forms (NEW)
  • New modular ESS layout (NEW)
  • Improvements to ESS Security Profiles
  • Dashboard indicators (NEW)
  • ESS homepage config tool (NEW)
  • Improved Screen design for ESS
  • E-Payslips
  • Manager Action List
  • Fully integrates with People Inc. Time (T&A Module)
  • Online Timesheets*
  • Online Appraisals*
  • Online Expense Claims*

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