Managing Employee Holidays and Absence within People Inc. – Free online Workshop

Recording Employee Absence and Holidays is a vital part of any business but can be a significant burden on the HR department, Managers and Employees.

Find out how you can use People Inc. to make the managing of employee holiday and absence far more efficient and effective, replacing manual paperbased systems that are inaccurate and time consuming to manage.

This session looks at:

  • Overview of managing Absence
    • Employee Absence History Records
    • Understanding the Absence Allowance screen
    • How allowances are calculated – FTE (Work Patterns, Company Hours, Date of Join, Date of Leaving, Job History Start & End Dates etc)
  • Absence Rules
    • Holiday entitlements
    • Other absence rules with no entitlements (Sickness, Compassionate etc.)
  • Assigning Absence Rules to employees
    • To an individual employee
    • Using a Wizard
    • Adding Additional Leave (TOIL, Manual Carryover etc)
  • Managing Absence and Holidays via Employee Self Service
    • Booking/Approving Holidays (via Absence Booking Wizard
    • Registering Sickness
    • Viewing the Absence Calendar and entitlements
  • Absence Reporting and Analytics.

These are just some of the time saving functionality that People Inc. provides when managing employee Absence and Holidays




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