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Performing New Starter Checks.

Carrying out checks on new starters is a vital part of the onboarding process for new employees.

Checks could include anything such as making sure the employee has a valid Driving Licence or a Visa or Work Permit and the check itself may require users to record relevant information such as the date checked, any expiry dates. Additionally, an attached copy of any supporting documentation for example a copy of a driving licences may also be required.

YouManageHR provides a range of Employment Checks as standard and has a facility for HR Administrators to add custom checks to meet the needs of the business.

Employment Checks

HR Users can configure each check to meet their requirements such as choosing what information is required for the check and if Employees can amend the information and/or upload documentation via the Self Service Portal

Self Service

Access can be given for Managers to enable them to update the New Starter Checklist as well as the HR Team and the progress of the checks can be monitored from the Employees record. 

Reminders can also be created for any key dates to ensure Expiry periods are not missed.

New starter checklist


Key Features

  • Create New Starter Checklists to help with the onboarding process
  • Provide employees with access to update their own information and upload documents where required.
  • Allow Managers to view progress of Checklist and to update.
  • Reminders ensure key dates and renewals are met.
  • Edit existing checklist items or create new ones.
  • Easy to use for HR, Managers and Employees
  • Keeps all important checklist information in one secure, easy to find place.