Performing Salary Reviews with People Inc. HR Webinar

This webinar explains how Users can update employee Salary records using the Salary Review Manager Utility within People Inc. HR.

The session will look at a range of built in tools and functionality within People Inc. to make the Salary Review process efficient and effective and includes:

  • Overview of the Salary Review Manager Tool.
  • Updating Salaries using a data Import
  • Updating Salary using the Global Update Tool
  • Reviewing Changes and managing exceptions
  • Applying Pay changes to Employee records
  • Generate Pay Change letters 

The webinar is open to anyone looking to streamlining their Salary Review processes. By the end of the session attendees will have a gained an insight on how to efficiently carryout the Salary Review process using People Inc. HR. as well as gain an understanding of some of the other features that People Inc. HR has to offer.

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