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Record Deletion Wizard for People Inc.

People Inc. allows users to retain all information about employees who have left the company. Over several years you will find that the system will contain a number of old employee records that no longer need to be stored.

For customers who have upgraded to People Inc. from an old legacy system such as Vizual Personnel Manager or Personnel Director there could be over 20 years worth of old records that ideally need to be removed.

The Record Deletion wizard is designed to enable users to simultaneously delete multiple employee records based upon their Leaving Date. This saves users from having to manually delete these old records and therefore can save time and effort.













The wizard can also be used to delete old applicant records which especially useful if the company has a high volume of recruitment.

Other features/benefits include:

  • All information relating to the selected employees is completely removed from the system
  • The system performs a number of checks to prevent users accidentally deleting information
  • An audit trail keeps track of the the records that are deleted.
  • Reduces the size of the People Inc. databases
  • Removes any unwanted confidential information including attachments to comply with legislation

Where can I get this new wizard?

The Record Deletion wizard can be downloaded for free from the People Inc. support website via the ‘Download’ button below. Users will be required to log in to access this area yet this is free as part of your annual support.