Recording Covid Tests and Vaccinations within YouManageHR.

Imagine having to record and process Covid Tests for all of your employees on a regular basis and then tracking who has had their vaccinations and when?

Care homes are one example where all employees are required to receive weekly PCR tests to administer at home, to help identify more asymptomatic cases and protect care users who are more vulnerable to the virus.

Recording and processing these weekly tests creates a huge administrative burden on the organisation.

Within YouManage there is a facility for employees to record their own tests results and upload any supporting documentation via their Self Service portal.

Where tests have to be taken regularly the system sends notifications to employees to remind them to take their test. The Administrator can specify the period between tests, for example 1 week.

Once entered onto the system, the test results are automatically sent to the right people internally or externally.

Additionally employees can record their Covid Vaccinations and attached their Vaccination Certificates where required.


Covid Test Recording


Managers can be given access to view and amend the information based on their security permissions ensuring this sensitive data is protected.

Finally, HR/Managers with appropriate access rights can view or create reports to report on the data held in the Testing and Vaccination records.

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