People Inc. Case Study

Case Study – Analysing Covid-19 related absence.



With many employees bearing some effects of Coronavirus, businesses will need to count the cost of the impact of the outbreak in the event that we are able to overcome this difficult period and things get back to some remblence of normality.

By recording Coronavirus related absence now, will help you analyse the impact to your business.


Using People Inc. to record Coronavirus related absence.

Updating your People Inc. System to record any absences that are a direct result of the covid-19 Pendemic is very straight forward. The following steps explain how this can be done.

1. Create a new Absence Rule

Within the Absence Rules screen, simply add a new record as shown below:


2. Assign the new rule to employees.

If the new rule is set to a Default Rule, then it will automatically created if an employee books a period of absence (via the Employee Self Service Module).

Alternatively you can assign the new rule to all employees using the Assign Absence Allowance Wizard










The new absence rule will be created for the relevant employees as shown below:



 3. Add specific Coronavirus absence reasons

In order to analyse specific coronavirus reasons for any absences we can set these up within the Absence Reasons lookup as shown below. These can then be used when recording a Coronavirus absence.


4. Record Coronavirus absences

Coronavirus related absence can then be recorded on People Inc. from the employees’ Absence History screen. For customers with the People Inc. Employee Self Service (ESS) Module, this can be configured to allow employees to record coronavirus absence directly from the ESS. 


Analysing Absence

Absence information can be displayed and analysed in many different ways.

An employee can view their absence information from their Absence Calendar with via the Employee Self Service Module. This can also be accessed by the relevant manager. 


Additionally, reports can be created to analyse the impact of Coronavirus on the business by adapting an existing People Inc. report or creating a new one.



Getting assistance

If you would like any help configuring your People Inc. software to allow you to record and analyse Coronavirus related absence, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01242 663974 or email

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