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People Inc. HR – Training Matrix Module.


The Training Matrix Module is a plug-in for People Inc. that provides users with an overview of employee training within their organisation. Using the information recorded in the Training History screen, the training matrix can be used as a planner, can highlight overdue training (or gaps in an employee’s training) and can be used to register training needs and book courses.

Training Matrix Plugin

 Training Matrix Module


Summary of Main Features Summary of Main Benefits
  • Display status of employee training in a grid
  • See colour-coded warnings (training expiry etc.)
  • Change employee selection and Sort order
  • Select the category of course displayed
  • Select a group of employees and add training needs
  • Add training bookings for a group of employees
  • Update records for completed training
  • View history for an employee on a course
  • Read-only version available for ESS managers
  • Export information to MS Excel
  • Centralise training records
  • View an up-to-date summary of training activities
  • Easily Track staff Training Needs
  • Ensure that mandatory training is booked/attended
  • Be alerted instantly to missing or incomplete training
  • Monitor Health & Safety, and Compliance training
  • Give managers secure access to training information
  • Share training matrix information with others









The Training Matrix plug in is not only available for HR and Training Administrators via the main People Inc. HR console. It can also be made available to managers via the Employee Self-Service module. This ESS view restricts users to only see information about their own team or department.

The plug-in works in conjunction with all of the existing functionality within People Inc. designed to help you manage employee training records such as the Book Training Course Wizard.

Where can I get the Training Matrix Module?

The Training Matrix Module for People Inc. is an add-on that can be implemented into any People Inc. system quickly. The cost for the module depends on the size of the organisation based on number of employees.

If you would like to learn more about the People Inc. Training Matrix Module please contact us on 01242 663974 or via email