People Inc. Case Study


Case Study – University of Nottingham Students Union choose People Inc. HR

University of Nottingham Students Union have approximately 210 employees, and 3 main HR users at their head office on the beautiful Nottingham University Campus. They had been using their previous system for several years but were growing concerned about its reliability due it being last developed in 2005 and were concerned about its compatibility with latest versions of Microsoft Office and Windows.

After a number of meetings with Nottingham University Students Union’s HR team we were able to confirm that this was a good time to move to People Inc by P&A Software Solutions. People Inc was the ideal product to migrate to as it is a powerful and flexible HR System which due to the offer of a free upgrade licence, also made it extremely cost effective.

During this process we also managed to identified other areas where People Inc can help Nottingham University Students Union HR team save time, effort and costs. For example, the development of a simple screen to help manage staff who work annual hours rather than a set work pattern each week was identified as an important development which will be looked at in the next phase of the project when we will also be looking at the potential for introducing the Employee Self Service module.

Apart from the extremely low cost of the move to People Inc. HR, the implementation itself was incredibly quick with virtually no impact on the users. All of the data from the existing system was successfully migrated into People Inc and this work was carried out on a Friday and then the system was implemented and the users provided with basic training the following Tuesday, meaning the users only had 2 days where they could not update records.

Andrew Pearce, Director at AgathonHR said, “We are thrilled that Nottingham University Students Union have decided to migrate to People Inc. They have been struggling with the limitations of their previous system for some time, and can already see the benefits from moving to People Inc. For example with improved absence management People Inc offers, they can now have faith in the system and trust it is calculating everything accurately for them, saving them from manually having to double check each month”.

Andrew went on to say, “We have identified many other areas where People Inc can save Nottingham University Students Union time and costs and will approach these on a project by project basis, but anticipate the need for only the odd day of consultancy to put these developments in place, making it extremely cost effective!”

Nancy Coles, HR Manager at University of Nottingham Students Union said “I couldn’t believe how quick the implementation of People Inc went. Also, even though we were assured no data would be lost during the transfer to People Inc, I wasn’t expecting that even the attachments and custom fields from the old system were brought over.”

“We now have a much more powerful and functional HR System which within a day or two was already providing much more useful and accurate information than we were used to. AgathonHR even dialled in to make some minor adjustments we had identified after the installation and training day, meaning we didn’t loose any productivity during this period.”

PeopleFirstHR (formerly AgathonHR) are accredited partners with P&A Software, suppliers of People Inc.