People Inc. Case Study

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Celanese Acetate Ltd replace Personnel Director HR with People Inc. HR

Celanese Acetates Ltd have been using their previous Personnel Director HR system for several years yet were beginning to experience technical problems with it which resulted in a great deal of down time for their users.

Agathon HR, having over 10 years’ experience on their old HR Software were called in to see if we could fix the problems they were having. Not only were we able to fix the issues, we were also able to move the databases to a new temporary server as the existing one was due to be decommissioned.

Later that year, due to a comprehensive restructuring of the organisation they had a requirement to move their databases to a new server at their head offices which was running the latest release of Microsoft SQL Server. Unfortunately, their existing Personnel Director system due to the fact that its final update was in 2005, was not supported on versions of Microsoft SQL Server past 2000. We therefore recommended they upgraded to People Inc.

Not only would People Inc. provide a completely up to date HR System, it also offered a great deal more functionality than their old Personnel Director system and is compatible on all latest versions of Microsoft platforms such as Windows, SQL Server and Office.

Additionally, People Inc. comes with a migration tool designed to transfer all data including any custom fields or screens from their old HR System into People Inc. so the migration process is extremely quick with minimum impact on the users or the business.

As part of this service AgathonHR tested the data transfer first for free to make sure the live migration when smoothly. Once the test data transfer was complete and any issues resolved, AgathonHR were provided with the live data on the Friday and People Inc. was up and running on the following Tuesday ready for the users introductory training. AgathonHR then provided an Intermediate level training day the following month once users had had chance to use the system.

The fact that AgathonHR are able to offer a considerable discount on upgrades to People Inc. from some other HR Systems also meant that this was not cost prohibitive, so the decision to upgrading to People Inc. required very little discussion.

“We are excited to have Celanese Acetate on board as an AgathonHR customer using People Inc. and we look forward to working alongside them to get the most from People Inc.” Said Andrew Pearce, Director at AgathonHR. “We are finding more and more customers are now experiencing problems with their out of date Personnel Director HR system, especially when they try to upgrade to later versions of Microsoft platforms.

Our mission is to continue to support these customers where possible especially those who are financially limited to upgrade to a new system, but also be able to provide a cost effective and future proof system such as People Inc. which allows us to carry out migrations much quicker and with minimal disruption than many of our competitors.


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