People Inc. Case Study

Case-study: Vizual Personnel Director Upgrade for Manchester based security company

Our client based in Manchester looks after security staff for one of the most successful European football teams and had been using Vizual Personnel Director since 2002.

In August 2017 they identified a need for a more up-to-date and robust HR system to help manage information for their 85 full time employees and around 1800 active Stewards and security workers. The nature of the business meant a high turnover of staff working on a short term contract basis and this created an Archive of over 17,000 records.

The main challenges with this upgrade was the need to migrate such as high number of records from several databases and due to the very old version of Vizual Personnel Director running on Interbase Databases.

The migration therefore involved a number of additional and complicated steps including, converting the Interbase databases to SQL databases, upgrading from a very old version of Personnel Director to the latest version (from 2005), successfully merging the databases to a single database and then migrating to People Inc.

The project took longer than usual mainly due to availability of the users and their dependence on the existing Personnel Director system that was critical for producing accurate active worker lists on match days which we also had to work around, however the end result was a huge success.

The upgrade provided the customer with a long overdue update to a more up-to-date HR Software system that ran on a current platform providing more stability and security. They were immediately able to benefit from all the additional time saving functionality that People Inc. had to offer, with all of their existing data still intact yet was still easy to use.

The project started on 1st August and their training took place on 29th August. A total of 4 days was charged for the project.


This is yet another example of how you can transform how you manage HR and help your staff save time by updating your Vizual Personnel Software to a more powerful, up-to-date HR system that is still simple to use.

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