Working with Filters using People Inc. – Free online course.

Filters are a crucial tool within any database as they allow you to select specific data for use in a number of different ways whether it be to display a selection of employees on a screen or applying bulk changes to a selection of employees using a wizard such as the Group Absence Booking wizard.

This session looks at creating filters that just displays all active employees within the Administration Department. This can be useful not only to view just the Administration Department in the Employee List view but also in many other different time saving ways, for example:

  • Book the department off on holiday due to a company shutdown
  • View the departments Training records on the Training Matrix plugin.
  • Allow some users access to a specific department in their security profile – for ESS
  • Assign Training Needs, Book or Complete a Training Course via a wizard
  • Carry out a Pay Review for a department

The knowledge gained on this session will then allow users to apply this to other types of filters to help them get the most from their People Inc. HR system.


Admin Filter


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