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Pay Review Process in People Inc.


People Inc. enables users to record historical details of employees’ salaries (as well as other pay related benefits) and this can be updated quickly via specifically designed wizards, either individually for ad-hoc changes of contracts such as promotions or in groups of employees as part of the annual pay review.

Using People Inc. to carryout an Annual Pay Review

The Annual Pay Review typically comprises of the following 5 steps within People Inc.

Step 1 – Generate a new provisional salary record for each employee using the specially designed wizard

This wizard allows the user to select which employees the new pay will affect, when the proposed change is to take place and the value of the change. If different groups are to get different amounts, the wizard can be run more than once to reflect this.


Step 2 – Line Manager Review

Once we have created the provisional salary record this will need to be reviewed, usually by the relevant line manager before being approved.

This can either be done via the Employees Salary Record via the Employee Self Service Module where managers can view, amend and approve the provisional figures for any employees reporting to them or using an XML Spreadsheet


Step 3 – HR Review and approval

HR can then review the final figures to check for any issues using a report such as the one shown below before carrying out the final approval and commit the changes to the employee’s record.

Step 4 – Confirming the new Salaries on People Inc.

Once the pay review has been carried out and the provisional salary figures updated within People Inc. the HR user can confirm the changes using the Recalculate Salary Records tool within People Inc.

Step 5 – Notify Employees of their new salary

The final step of the process is to notify employees of the change to their salary. This is done using one of the built in Letter templates within People Inc. as shown in the example below. This letter can be generated in a few simple steps and a copy is automatically attached to the employees record. These letters can also be edited to meet the specific requirements of the organisation.

For more information about the Annual Pay Review Process within People Inc. contact us on 01242 663974 or via email

The New Pay Review functionality for People Inc. makes the whole pay review process much faster and more efficient for the whole organisation, saving both time and money

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  • Benefit 85% 85%
  • Set up Time/Costs 30% 30%
  • Ease of use 40% 40%
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