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Absence Management

Holidays, absence and other leave can be costly to your organisation if they’re not managed well. YouManage Absence Management component┬álets line managers easily manage staff resource, and plan holidays and leave using a simple, visual interface.

Absence management is an important part of HR management, and it’s important that correct processes are followed to comply with HR policies and employment regulations. Our case management and workflow processes guide line managers through the whole process step by step, and notify them when any action is required.

Absence Management

Key Features

  • Absence recording
  • Keeping accurate, up-to-date records on employee absence
  • Process management for sickness leave
  • Ensures correct processes are followed to comply with the latest HR policies and employment regulations
  • Absence process action prompts
  • Dashboard reporting and e-mail alerting enables problems to be identified quickly and remedial action to be put in place
  • Absence triggers
  • Based on a variety of formula, including the Bradford Factor. Helps to ensure that possible issues with individual employees (e.g. stress) are identified and dealt with promptly
  • Identifying and tracking absence issues
  • Reduces absence levels by ensuring absence problems are identified and remedied
  • Automated recording of Time Off In Lieu and holiday entitlement
  • Reduces admin time and ensures accurate resource planning
  • Simple, visual holiday and absence planning
  • Improves customer service and the delivery of key projects by enabling managers to more easily plan for holidays and other scheduled absences
  • Reporting and analysis on absence
  • Summaries available by manager, department or location
  • Multiple entitlement profiles with embedded automatic calculations
  • Employees can be assured that their entitlements and holidays are accurate
  • Carry over, pro rata rounding rules and Length of Service awards
  • Increase employee satisfaction with engaging holiday management processes
  • Hourly and daily recording
  • Ensures accuracy and allows flexibility for employees and line managers with absence management and planning


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