YouManage Features

Reporting and Analytics

YouManage Reporting and Analytics component, delivers a sophisticated business intelligence tool embedded within the YouManage platform.

Our technology provides a simple and fast way to deliver relevant and compelling dashboards, reports, and analytics to all relevant users.

The design of modular and flexible architecture has allowed us to provide enterprise-level business intelligence functions to be embedded directly inside, and throughout, the YouManage application. This delivers critical information when needed most and where users can act on it, dramatically speeding up commercial discussions and ultimately, decision making.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards are a single or a collection of configurable screens within YouManage where various critical pieces of information are chosen and placed in the form of ‘Tiles’. They allow each user to have a unified and personalised view of any data and information that matters to them to assist in their day to day duties and ultimately help to drive the business forward.

With a personalised layout, each user will only see the information that is most important to them; they can filter out information that is not relevant to them, add data in and where all data is governed by the permission sets assigned to each YouManage user.

Users can immediately drill down on charts and links to explore detailed information and further analyse data to determine root causes and to correct negative trends.

Dashboards provide HR, senior executives and line managers with convenient and immediate access to key performance metrics. This is designed to help them have a greater understanding of the business by monitoring performance measures, outstanding tasks and activities and HR/business processes.

Reporting and Analytics

Custom Reporting

Custom Reports stands in contrast with Standard Reports, where we, the technical authors, have created a large suite of Standard Reports, accessible via the reporting menus.

The idea of creating Custom Reports continues with the release of our newly developed BI solution.

We’ve connected the reporting capability to all data sources within YouManage and established the necessary security parameters, which determines which data any user is allowed to see.

From that point on, the Custom Reports are created by business end-users. The Custom Reports capability is provided to all clients, enabling them to easily build reports and distribute these as required, and decide whether to make these Public or Private within the main reporting area.

Naturally, Custom Reports can be as simple as a one page data table or as complex and rich as interactive tabular or cross-tab reports with drill-down and visualization features, or present themselves in the form of various styles of dashboard ‘Tiles’, such as a heat map, or other more advanced forms.

Reporting and Analytics

Automated Report Scheduling

Automated report scheduling and delivery takes information proactively to the right users at the right time, allowing information to be distributed efficiently and consistently to relevant end-users.

Report scheduling helps streamline information delivery as well as help users to optimise the running of many reports, which can be set up to automatically export data in various formats, for example to Excel or PDF and these can be delivered to specific users on a regularly scheduled basis.

For example, if payroll requires a monthly employee changes report, users can automatically schedule the creation and delivery of the report to finance every Monday at 9:00 AM.