YouManage Features

Performance and Development

YouManage has been designed to make the managing of employee performance and development engaging for employees and efficient for managers and forms part of the Appraisal Process.

This results in employees feeling more actively involved in their development and excited about meeting their goals, and your organisation becomes an environment where high performance thrives.

By streamlining the administration process your managers can focus on helping your staff to reach their full potential, and foster an organisation culture of excellence.

Performance and Development

Key Features

  • Setup review rounds and the completion periods for groups of employees
  • Reduces the administrative burden associated with setting up and managing Performance Review Rounds
  • Define multiple review form templates
  • Improves the skill-base of the organisation by enabling individual development plans and objectives
  • Include objectives, competencies, development plans and summary ratings
  • Plans can be easily set-up and managed for each employee based on their specific development needs and role-based competency requirements
  • Use manager support packs to include previous updates or comments
  • Saves managers’ time by enabling them to prepare for key meetings quickly and easily
  • Include information such as file notes, job description and absence/disciplinary records
  • Improves line manager effectiveness by ensuring that they are equipped with all relevant information and guidance for key meetings
  • Record the outputs from reviews and include comments against each item
  • Improves manager and employee performance by giving full and accurate details on all aspects of performance
  • Close and sign off reviews online and escalate for further sign-off
  • Improves the organisation’s ability to execute on plans by ensuring that there is proper focus on meeting key milestones and target dates
  • Track and update development plans on an on-going basis
  • Helps foster a high-performance culture by ensuring Performance Management is a year-round process rather than a once-a-year event
  • Set-up, track and update career goals for team members
  • Produces a more focused and better aligned workforce by helping employees align their goals with organisational goals
  • Implement a competency-based approach to performance management and development
  • Ensures employees are working to well-defined, SMART objectives that are aligned with company goals