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Bridging the HR / Payroll Gap

The Payroll Change Log is an enhancement to People Inc. that is designed to enable users to access and extract details of changes that relate to payroll processing, quickly and easily. This information can then be transferred to the payroll software (or bureau) they use. People Inc. allows HR users as well as employees themselves (via the ESS) to keep this information up to date. When changes are made it is important that these are passed on to the payroll.

People Inc. automatically populates the Payroll Change Log screen when a user makes a change to a monitored screen (or just the relevant fields on the screen such as those that relate to an employee’s address). An entry is produced each time a change is made to a record and the name of the user that made the changes is recorded is also captured.

Payroll Change Log

Payroll Change Log


Information recorded within the Payroll Change Log can be analysed via a series of reports and data extracts can be generated for importing into a separate payroll system.

Payroll Change Log Reports Menu

Payroll Change Log Reports Menu


How do I get this new functionality?

The Payroll Change Log is available for free to existing People Inc. users. Please contact us if you would like a copy of this new feature.


People Inc. Ongoing Development Programme

People Inc. has an extensive ongoing development programme (by the software developers, P&A Software Ltd) to continually look at ways to improve the functionality within People Inc.  As part of this programme, work is being done on the Wizards functionality within People Inc. not only looking at improving the existing Wizards but also identifying new Wizards to speed up some of the multi-step or repetitive processes within People Inc.

The Payroll Change Log for People Inc. bridges the gap between HR and Payroll

  • Difficulty 15% 15%
  • Benefit 100% 100%
  • Set up Time/Costs 45% 45%
  • Ease of use 95% 95%
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